The 10 Best Backpack Features for Everyday Use

What makes a perfect backpack? If you’re a workaholic always on the move, with your laptop, papers and whatnot on your back, then you need to check this guide out!


There is no “Best Backpack” that’s perfect for everyone and for every single scenario. However, we believe that anyone can find the perfect backpack for their unique needs. That’s why we’re here today, to help you find the right one for you!



Everyone has personal preferences and with so many different options out there, finding your own best backpack seems like an impossible task. So after comparing hundreds of different bags and backpacks, we thought it would be a good idea to share our selection methods.


In this guide, we will break down some of the essential features you should look for in an Everyday Backpack and what questions you need to ask yourself before you start looking. These include not only size and looks but also access, functionality, organization, security, and more.



Versatility of Use


Travel is somewhat reduced due to the current pandemic, but if you’re a busy and constantly moving type of person, you want a versatile and multi-functional backpack that adapts to the different situations in your life. Do you carry a lot of things to work on like a laptop, papers, and all sorts of files? Do you usually ride your bike when moving around? Choose the one that best suits your changing lifestyle and environment!


Smart & Thoughtful Design


Our backpacks also show a lot about our personalities, and about who we are. And if you need a new one for everyday use that can also fit a work environment, you’ll prefer a smart and sleek design that can show your professional side. In general, you’re looking for a backpack with a sturdy exterior and a nice interior organization, that can carry all the usual tech, cables, paperwork and notepads.


Strong Premium Materials


From home to work, in the sun, and out in the rain, durability is something to keep in mind. High-quality materials are of extreme importance if you want your backpack to stand the test of time, as well as find the right balance between outdoor durability and an office-friendly look. You’ll want durable fabrics and water-resistant zippers, a durable build that can survive that daily grind.


Comfortable Carry


Good backpacks not only look great, they feel great! Padded handles, padded shoulder straps, and chest straps add that extra comfort and stability to ensure effortless trips. Ergonomics is key to evenly distributing the weight across your upper body, by spreading out the load for improved comfort on the go. Favor those packs that can be carried in various ways, both by hand and on the back.


Space & Easiness to Pack


Is there enough space and pockets to carry all the belongings you need on a daily basis? Do you need a quick access laptop compartment that ensures that all your tech is safe? Look for backpacks that carry the space you need and that are easy to pack, with multiple compartments, easy-access front or shoulder pockets to reach things on the go, and special hidden pockets to secure your valuable objects and money.


Simple Expandability


Always take into account what your daily needs and situations really are. A spacious bag of about 25L should be more than enough for most everyday scenarios. But if this isn’t always your case and you really need a little more than that sometimes, a backpack that can expand to about 35L should be perfect, especially with the simple use of an expansion zipper that adds depth to the main compartment.


Resistance & Weatherproofing


Having a durable waterproof bag is a total game changer, a weatherproof backpack that can withstand heavy rain and high temperatures, with premium time-resistant materials. Rainproof covers can also do wonders here, as well as some unbreakable YKK waterproof zippers, as you’ll want to keep everything in your bag dry and clean. Look for ultra-durable, tear-resistant and water-repellent materials.


Organization Capability


Life can get pretty messy sometimes, but your backpack doesn’t have to. With everything in its place, you won’t waste much time packing every day and it won’t become a burden, allowing you to concentrate on taking care of all your other less simple tasks. A backpack with multiple compartments for each specific item will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


Extra Security


Built-in Peace of Mind. That’s the kind of security we always look for in a backpack. Having hidden anti-theft pockets and extra safe passport pockets, where you can keep all your important documents, valuable items, and some cash at hand, without constantly being afraid of losing them or having them stolen. Lockable Zippers are also a nice treat, as they can add a bit of that much-desired extra security.


Essential Addons


Addons, addons, addons. It can never be stressed enough. They allow you to further customize your package or add more depth to your entire loadout, they can make it easier to find and access things in your pack, split up the space for an even better organization, and much more. Look for backpacks that include organizing bags like clothing bags, shoe bags, packing cubes or even an extra sling bag for lightness.



So the question you really have to ask yourself is, what set of features will you give more importance to? If you’re looking for a backpack designed for everyday use, particularly in a work environment, these are for us the 10 main factors you should look for to find your own number one choice.


In this sense, we take the opportunity to present you Nördepack, a versatile everyday backpack and an absolute smart choice for a work and travel set. It reflects all these things we’ve mentioned above – with many more innovative features! – proving to be a really solid all-around pick.


All in all, we hope we’ve been able to help you weigh all the pros and cons and finally make your own decision. So what’s stopping you now? Time to grab yours!



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